Do You Need A New Plant?

img001Click on the image to enlarge.  Drawing by Joseph Tychonievich at Arrowhead Alpines.

I have been down with the flu for a few weeks so the blog and everything else has suffered.  I have been saving the illustration above for just such an occasion.  I received it as a postcard in February 2013 from Arrowhead Alpines, a wonderful retail and mail order nursery in Fowlerville, Michigan, specializing in rare and unusual plants.  They have a huge selection of uncommon perennials, woodland wildflowers, ferns, rare alpines, dwarf conifers, and out-of-the-ordinary trees and shrubs.  They are also very nice people.  If you can’t find what you are looking for at your local nursery, Arrowhead is the place to go.  Click here for their website/catalogue. 

The print is kind of small, so click on the image to enlarge it.  I especially like the part about ripping out the lawn and the recommendation of miniature hostas :-).  No matter how many times I follow the arrows through the options, it makes me laugh.  How could the answer to “Do you need a new plant?” be anything but yes!

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38 Responses to “Do You Need A New Plant?”

  1. Nell Jean Says:


  2. cherylNjohn Says:

    Hi Carolyn, So sorry to hear you’ve been laid up with the flu. I just loved that drawing from Arrowhead Alpines. We’ve “borrowed “from the town conservation land that was teaming with multi flora roses, bittersweet, and honeysuckle to grow raspberries, blueberries and two peach trees.


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  3. Lovely – nice to have something funny to laugh at on Weds night!

  4. Laurie Lewis Says:

    Hi Carolyn—-sorry to hear that you’ve been sick.Just about everyone on Nantucket has been,too.Hope that you will soon be right as rain.We’ve been stuck inside quite a lot d/t all of the ice and snow😭 The post about needing a plant cracked up me and my husband.He really needs a laugh as the deer fence is a mess from all of the broken tree limbs and the heavy wet snow.The bambis do not appear to have wandered in yet but it won’t be long.Hoping for milder temps so that we can begin to repair the damage.Arrgghhh.
    Breaks my heart but I am once again unable to come for the snow drop event at Charles Cresson’s.Drat.We will be away.I will look forward to your post and photos.
    Be well soon.Laurie

    Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2015 17:33:23 +0000

    • Laurie, Our deer fence was breached earlier this winter, and I didn’t realize it until they ate my favorite camellia and all my heucheras that usually stay colorful for the winter. I hope you will be able to patch your fence up soon. Sorry you will miss The Winter Garden in Bloom. It’s always a great time. Carolyn

  5. Oh Carolyn that is priceless….sorry to hear you are sick….wishing you are well soon and sending lots of healing energy your way!

    • Donna, I got the strain of flu that was mistakenly left out of the flu shot which I also had. The only silver lining is that it can last up to 6 weeks if you didn’t get the shot but ONLY three weeks if you did. Somehow that news is just not making me feel better, but the Arrowhead drawing does. Carolyn

  6. I LOVE that! So funny. Sad to hear you got sick despite taking precautions… Life is not fair! Hope you feel better soon!

  7. Eleonora Curlo Says:

    Hi.It looks like you still have Galanthus Nivalis Viridapice.  I would like to buy a plant, and I live in Wynnewood.  Can I come and pick it up? Thank you.Eleonora

    PS If I plant the plant this spring, will it survive?  I never planted snowdrops in the green, so I don’t know.

  8. Sorry to hear you’ve had the flu, Carolyn. No fun. I giggled while reading the postcard. It rings true. 🙂

  9. Caroline Stone Says:

    Well I will respond with this. Click to read the postcard Caroline

  10. My sympathy to you for your temporary incapacitation/flu.Just wanted to tell you that your little “decision tree” Do you need a new plant was delightful and I sent your link to fellow gardeners.  

  11. I loved this chart! I’m so lucky to have TWO ACRES to fill with plants. I just bought three cyclamen plants, my first of those ever, which I plan to plant under my camellia because I read that those two plants go well together.

    I’m sorry you’re sick, but happy that your sickness resulted in your posting that lovely chart. 🙂

  12. Cute illustration. Sad to hear you had the flu, I have been desperately trying to avoid it carrying around Tamiflu. You wondered about me being seasick, I was medicated on that boat. Right now I am flying back and will likely be stuck in Detroit. It has been a very bumpy ride and I almost need medication for this flight!

  13. Hilarious!! Love the chart. I hope you feel better soon!

  14. There is always room for a new plant. I’m glad they’re pesticide-free. I’ve added them to my blog sidebar of clean nurseries. 🙂

  15. Just what I needed half way through this dreadful winter, Carolyn. Hilarious! Thanks for the link. I love checking out new nurseries. Hope your health is fully recovered! P. x

  16. Yes, is the answer.

  17. That is so funny. So are the other cartoons on that website. I can always find room or a reason for a new plant.

  18. Get well soon! I enjoyed the Arrowhead illustration immensely. OF COURSE, I need a new plant! (Sorry to shout, but there was never a question about it.)

  19. Carolyn, I’m sorry to hear you’ve had flu — never a good time! This cartoon is hilarious. And I’m also admiring your new blog header.

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