2017 Winter Interest Cata.

This catalogue is no longer active but remains on the website for informational purposes only.

2017-snowdrop-catalogue-images5Clockwise from upper left: ‘Pink Frost’ hellebore, ‘Ophelia’ double snowdrop, winter aconite, pale blue squill, “summer” snowflake, Italian arum and common snowdrops, fall-blooming hardy cyclamen, ‘Cinnamon Snow’ hellebore

To Order for Pick Up: Please send an email to carolynsshadegardens@verizon.net with the plant names, quantities, your name, and telephone number. Supplies are limited so order early. Shortly after you order, you will receive an email confirming your order and amount owed to be paid by check.  Another email in late February or early March will let you know when the plants are available for pick up.  Any plants purchased can be planted in your garden immediately or enjoyed in a pot until it is convenient to plant them.

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 Photos appear above the descriptions.


Arum italicum ‘Pictum’ (Italian Arum): Italian arum has very distinct and extensive silver markings covering the narrow, arrow-shaped bright green leaves from early fall through late spring–yes, it’s gorgeous all winter (left photo in November, right photo with snowdrops in March); although the leaves disappear in the summer, it produces a cream colored spathe like a jack-in-the-pulpit followed by an attractive cluster of red berries.

$12 (2 plants per pot)  Sold Out



Cyclamen hederifolium (Fall-blooming Hardy Cyclamen): the easiest hardy cyclamen to grow in any well-drained, part to full shade location; pink blooms in fall; excellent companion for fall-blooming snowdrops; I grow it equally for its gorgeous, groundcovering, silver veined foliage from September through June; for more information, click here.

$10 (one plant in 2 1/2″ pot)



Eranthis hyemalis (Winter Aconite): very early blooming member of the buttercup family whose bright yellow flowers light up the winter landscape, very cold tolerant and excellent companion for snowdrops, difficult to start from dried bulbs but easy from plants in the green, once established it began naturalizing in my woodland, rarely sold as a growing plant.

$15 (blooming clump in 4″ pot)


Galanthus nivalis ex Carolyn’s Shade Gardens (Common Snowdrop): white flowers with green-tipped inner segments and narrow leaves with a gray center stripe; the easiest snowdrop to grow, it multiplies rapidly and produces the most blooms, this form is naturalized throughout Carolyn’s Shade Gardens; cultivated as an ornamental plant since the 16th century; RHS AGM, number 22 on UK Popularity List

$15 (5 plants per pot)


Galanthus nivalis 'Blewbury Tart' at Carolyn's Shade Gardens  

Galanthus nivalis ‘Blewbury Tart’ (Double Common Snowdrop): outstanding and distinctive outward-facing double snowdrop with three narrow outer segments clasping the inner dark green tart-like rosette; discovered by well known British horticulturist Alan Street in Blewbury, Oxfordshire; my stock came from the old Heronswood Nursery in Kingston, WA; number 25 on UK Popularity List.

$39 (1 plant per pot)


Galanthus 'Ophelia'

Galanthus ‘Ophelia’ (Greatorex Hybrid Double Snowdrop): ‘Ophelia’ is my favorite and the best known snowdrop in the series of doubles created by Heyrick Greatorex; vigorous and early with rounded, tightly double flowers and a very prominent, broad, dark green u-shaped marking at the base of the inner segments; often produces a second flower stem, making it quite long-blooming.

$35 (1 plant per pot)  1 left


Helleborus x ballardiae ‘Cinnamon Snow’ (Hybrid Christmas Rose):
outward-facing, large creamy white flowers with a light pink reverse mature to cinnamon pink; red stems, compact and uniform plants; a vigorous cultivar that blooms profusely in late winter; 12 to 15″ tall and 20″ wide, evergreen, deer resistant.

$28 (large, mature blooming plants in gallon pots)


Helleborus x ballardiae ‘Pink Frost’ (Hybrid Christmas Rose):

outward-facing pink flowers mature to a deep cranberry and are beautifully displayed above the very dark evergreen leaves and stems, a vigorous cultivar that blooms profusely in late winter; 12 to 15″ tall and 24″ wide, evergreen, deer resistant.

$28 (large, mature blooming plants in gallon pots)  Sold Out


Leucojum aestivum, Stylophorum diphyllum 4-26-2015 6-43-58 PM

Leucojum aestivum (Summer Snowflake): in late April, “summer” snowflake produces upright, 18 to 24″ flower stalks, sporting many nodding white flowers with green tips like snowdrops on steroids; great cut flower alternative to daffodils, tolerates wet sites.

$12 (3 plants per pot)  Sold Out



Scilla mischtschenkoana (Tubergen Squill): 6-8″, starry pale blue flowers with an elegant, darker blue center stripe in late winter, beautifully backed by shiny bright green leaves; multiplies rapidly to form a large clump; great companion for hellebores too.

$12 (5 plants per pot)  Sold Out


Instructions for ordering are at the beginning of the catalogue.

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