A White Christmas

Carolyn’s Shade Gardens is a retail nursery located in Bryn Mawr, PA, specializing in showy, colorful, and unusual plants for shade.  The only plants that we ship are snowdrops and miniature hostas.  For catalogues and announcements of events, please send your full name, location, and phone number (for back up use only) to carolyn@carolynsshadegardens.com.  Click here to get to the home page of our website for catalogues and information about our nursery and to subscribe to our blog.

DSCN2269The London plane tree over my nursery sales area.

I was hoping for a white Christmas, but it is not to be so I guess I will have to make my own.  The winters of 2010 and 2011 provided more than enough photographic material.  Enjoy Carolyn’s Shade Gardens in the snow:

DSCN2205 A winter dawn in my main terrace garden.


DSCN2210Our dovecote engulfed in snow.


DSCN1075during a snowstorm


DSCN2170Looking up from the  production beds towards the house and terraces.


DSCN2202Dawn on the back side of the house.


DSCN2207The patio in winter.


DSCN2270More of our gigantic plane trees outlined in snow.


DSCN1070A snowy long view.


DSCN1088The carriage house nursery building in winter.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year

to all my readers, customers, and garden blogging friends.


P.S.  As I finished this post it began to snow!


Nursery Happenings:  The 2013 Snowdrop Catalogue is on the sidebar of the website and orders are being accepted.  To view the catalogue, click here.

Carolyn’s Shade Gardens is a retail nursery located in Bryn Mawr, PA.  The only plants that we mail order are snowdrops and miniature hostas.  The nursery is closed until spring 2013.  Thanks for a great year.

If you are within visiting distance and would like to receive catalogues and information about customer events, please send your full name and phone number to carolynsshadegardens@verizon.net.  Subscribing to my blog does not sign you up to receive this information.

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34 Responses to “A White Christmas”

  1. Carolyn,
    Thank you for this lovely present for my eyes!
    Can’t wait for your posts in the New Year. Winter dreams
    of gardens are the most enchanting kind of dreams.
    PS: Please send some of your snow to Boston.

  2. Bonnie Devine Says:

    As I looked at the photos and started shivering, I was going to send a reply “ye of little faith…” Glad you also see the snow. Hopefully not as much as your beautiful pictures!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  3. Very best to you and your family for the Holidays! From Chris and Philip.

  4. Such lovely snowy views of your property Carolyn. Clever post too since we are not going to have a white Christmas either. Later in the week, a foot of snow though. Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday. I can’t wait for the warm Caribbean weather though.

  5. Anne Stokes Hochberg Says:

    Well, there’s a little snow here in Haverford, although not much! With any luck it will hang around until tomorrow…

    Have the best of holidays! Anne

  6. Ah yes, you spoke too soon. Lovely snow cover now. But your photos are exquisite!

  7. Wishing you could have that white Christmas but not really interested in sharing any of our snow! It is such a blessing over our unfrozen soil…. I just keep thinking about those martagon bulbs I planted late making roots! Take care and Merry Christmas Carolyn!

  8. Oh how lovely Carolyn…so glad you got a bit of the white…we have snow as well. Your garden is certainly gorgeous in all seasons and particularly in its coat of snow…Merry Christmas to you and yours and Happy New Year!

  9. Seasons greetings Carolyn. Endless rain in the UK, if we did have snow it’s been washed away.
    You can guess which photos are my favourites.

  10. Merry Christmas Carolyn! We’re a little low on snow here too, it just seems to keep missing us. Oh well, at least the driving isn’t as dangerous for families trying to get around. Have a wonderful holiday and best wishes in the new year.

  11. wifemothergardener Says:

    I hope you were able to enjoy a bit of snow after all before the rain. Merry Christmas!

  12. Snow does make Christmas magical… it is snowing and snowing and snowing here. Love it! Last year was a brown Christmas so we’re delighted to receive all this white.

  13. Happy holidays! I hope we both get some snow this winter to make up for last year. 🙂

  14. I am late, but hope you had a good Christmas, and wish you a happy new year.

  15. I’m guessing you will have a white New Year’s Day.

  16. Beautiful images! Wish you a happy new year!!

  17. I love the snowy images– I hope the snow that began as you wrote became something pretty. Seeing your note about snowdrop orders made me feel like the gardening season is on its way! Cheers!

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