New Mice for 2014

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Mouse Ears HostasClockwise from upper left: ‘Holy Mouse Ears’, ‘Frosted Mouse Ears’, ‘Blue Mouse Ears’, ‘Green Mouse Ears’, and ‘Mighty Mouse’.

In 2012, I wrote a very popular post called I Love Mice about little hostas in the Mouse Ears Series.  In that post I talked about ‘Holy Mouse Ears’, ‘Frosted Mouse Ears’, ‘Green Mouse Ears’, ‘Mighty Mouse’, and the little hosta that started it all, ‘Blue Mouse Ears’.  I extolled the virtues of their round, rubbery slug-repelling leaves in beautiful colors, their symmetrical habit, and their lovely proportional flowers.  Since then some new mice have arrived on the seen, and I want to introduce them to you.


Hosta 'Sunny Mouse Ears'‘Sunny Mouse Ears’ is tiny and adorable in a new color for mouse ears minis.

It was just a matter of time before someone selected a gold-leafed mouse ears hosta, and ‘Sunny Mouse Ears’  is it.  It has tiny, perfectly round leaves 1 3/4″ long by 1 3/4″ wide.  It forms a mound 3″ tall by 10″ wide.  ‘Sunny Mouse Ears’ is the first gold-leafed cultivar in the Mouse Ears series, although there is another described below.  It has the same thick substance that repels slugs and the same enchanting, pixie-like pale purple flowers in July as the rest of the mouse ears clan.


Hosta 'Ruffled Mouse Ears'Hosta ‘Ruffled Mouse Ears’ in the foreground contrasts nicely with the rounded shape of most of the other mouse ears hostas, here ‘Blue Mouse Ears’ in the background.


Hosta 'Ruffled Mouse Ears'A close up of ‘Ruffled Mouse Ears’

‘Ruffled Mouse Ears’ is another new addition to the group.  It has blue-green leaves 2 3/4″ long by 2 1/2″ wide with highly ruffled margins.  Although it has the same rounded, thick, rubbery, slug resistant leaves as its parent ‘Blue Mouse Ears’, its rippled and frilled margins provide a great contrast to the other mouse ears hostas.  ‘Ruffled Mouse Ears’ forms a mound 6″ high by 14″ wide and has the same desirable flowers.


Hosta 'Mouse Cheese'‘Mouse Cheese’ is definitely a clever name for this gold-leafed mouse ears hosta.

‘Mouse Cheese’ is the other new gold-leafed mouse ears hosta available this year.  At 2 3/4″long by 2 1/2″ wide, its leaves are larger and not as round, but they are  bright gold with the same thick texture as the other mice we have come to love.  ‘Mouse Cheese’ forms a slightly larger mound 4″ tall and 12″ wide.  It has very cute pale purple flowers in July and  retains its gold leaf color all season.


Hosta 'Church Mouse'The texture of Hosta ‘Church Mouse’ stands out in a mixed planting.  Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens.

‘Church Mouse’, the last of the four new mouse ears hostas, has very blue leaves with unique, highly ruffled margins that make a good contrast with other mouse ears hostas.  It has the same thick substance that repels slugs and adorable, well-proportioned lavender flowers in early summer.  It forms a larger mound 8″ tall by 15″ wide, but has the same neat and symmetrical habit.


Hosta 'Church Mouse'A close up of ‘Church Mouse’, photo courtesy of Walters Gardens.


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18 Responses to “New Mice for 2014”

  1. I always like those little Mouse Ears. They look wonderful in pots. Mine are not even poking out of the ground yet. I wanted to share them with our garden club sale, but with the late start to the season, it is not going to happen.

  2. Which of the new mice do I like best! Made up my mind and the winner is ** Church Mouse, looking great alongside Brunnera Jack Frost.

  3. They are adorable.

  4. the garden is just waking up so I hope to see my mice soon.

  5. Oh yes, I really enjoy those tiny Hostas! I’m going to have to try some. I think I have a few good spots for them, too. Thanks!

    • Beth, The mouse ears are, of course, great in containers of all kinds. Blue Mouse Ears and the other larger mice look wonderful at the front of beds because they have a quite substantial presence. All of them are also lovely in a rock garden type area. Carolyn

  6. I remember your post from 2012! And you also had one where you wrote about Hosta stiletto, which I already had, but it vanished one wet and cold winter. I love these Hostas that are on the smaller side and had planned to find a place in my garden for a group of them. Now you have reminded me that I really should make one. I am planning to make a miniature garden in a container, perhaps some of the smallest one of these could be the foliage for a miniature garden.

    • Helene, I have a shallow dish garden with five kinds of miniature hosta plus sedums and hens and chicks. But I think the best thing for you would be a strawberry pot with a mini hosta in each pocket. I have 16 in mine going on its sixth year. Carolyn

  7. Church Mouse is definitely number 1, and Sunny Mouse Ears follows as second choice. I will have keep an eye open for these new ones.

  8. We have a block of remnant bush on an urban lot in central Auckland, New Zealand. We are taking out the exotics and planting natives, its a struggle! Our garden had been neglected for 20 years prior to us arriving 18 months ago. Having spent a long time clearing away the accumulated rubbish, we have now started to plant and irrigate. We love looking at your suggestions and would love your feedback on our project

  9. Love all the mouse hostas, I have an old blue mouse ears that is huge that I once used for hybridizing. It gave me a lot of nice seedlings. check out my post on hostas;

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