Camden (Maine) Garden Tour 2014: Part 4

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Camden Garden Tour Messler 7-17-2014 2-38-20 PMThe newly built Arts and Crafts style house at the final garden on the tour is reached via a long drive ending in an elaborate stone bridge and pond.

This post is the fourth in a series of posts on the Camden House and Garden Tour put on annually in mid-July by the Camden Garden Club.  To read the first three posts, click here, here, and here.  Next year’s tour is on July 16, 2015, and will consist of historic houses in Camden.


Camden Garden Tour Messler 7-17-2014 1-58-43 PMThe entrance walk crosses a large stone slab that acts as a bridge over a boulder strewn stream.

The final garden that I am profiling surrounds a new over-the-top Arts and Crafts style house built half way up Mt. Battie overlooking Camden Harbor.  We were transported up a steep drive to the property in chauffeur-driven golf carts, passing through extensive plantings surrounding large boulders.  At the top, a beautiful stone bridge brings visitors to the impressive front entrance.  I will let the photos and captions tell the rest of the story:


Camden Garden Tour Messler 7-17-2014 1-58-54 PM.

Camden Garden Tour Messler 7-17-2014 1-59-13 PMThe entrance path


Camden Garden Tour Messler 7-17-2014 1-59-20 PM

An elegant planter on the entrance walk.


Camden Garden Tour Messler 7-17-2014 1-59-35 PMA man made stream runs along the front of the house under the entrance path.


Camden Garden Tour Messler 7-17-2014 2-24-20 PM

The stream ends in this pool. Behind it you can see the stone bridge and above that the guest house.

Although we were not allowed to take photos inside the house, I did take some shots from the master bedroom balcony:

Camden Garden Tour Messler 7-17-2014 2-11-12 PM

Hillside perennial garden with native woods in the background.


Camden Garden Tour Messler 7-17-2014 2-11-02 PM

Looking down from the balcony onto the pool area.


Camden Garden Tour Messler 7-17-2014 2-12-01 PM

View of Camden Harbor from the master bedroom.


Camden Garden Tour Messler 7-17-2014 2-17-44 PM

Stone path leading around to the back of the house.


Camden Garden Tour Messler 7-17-2014 2-16-05 PM

The tour brochure states that “the garden encompasses more than 5,000 trees and plants”, and every one of them was perfect, no brown leaves, no spent flowers, no unhappy plants.


Camden Garden Tour Messler 7-17-2014 2-20-57 PM

Looking up from the lawn area to the perennial gardens on the back side of the house.


Camden Garden Tour Messler 7-17-2014 2-19-41 PM

Everything about this property was massive, including the stairs from the lawn to the back terrace.


Camden Garden Tour Messler 7-17-2014 2-10-49 PM

Another gorgeous view from the back terrace.


Lobelia 'Fan Scarlet'

A plant that caught my eye ‘Fan Scarlet’ lobelia.

Just like everything else, the pool was over the top so I thought you would like to see a few shots:


Camden Garden Tour Messler 7-17-2014 2-23-42 PM.

Camden Garden Tour Messler 7-17-2014 2-30-28 PM

Granite boulders were incorporated into the design.


Camden Garden Tour Messler 7-17-2014 2-22-40 PM.

In the last post in this series, I intend (if I have enough good photos) to show you some of the non-garden sights in the Camden-Rockport area and recommend a few wonderful restaurants.


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18 Responses to “Camden (Maine) Garden Tour 2014: Part 4”

  1. Wow, wow and wow Carolyn. The drive with the bridge and pond…then the entrance over the stream…those views of the gardens and woods and finally that pool. A dream home for me as I love Arts and Crafts homes.

    • Donna, Too big and too manicured for me. I do love the Arts and Crafts style but this was a little much. I would be very happy in the guest house though. I found myself wondering what the undisturbed woods must have looked like before the house was built and thinking how much prettier it probably was. Carolyn

  2. (You worked it out!) I like the paths, the pool and the stairs. Nice!

  3. nwphillygardner Says:

    What did you think of the man-made stream, Carolyn? Did it feel natural or contrived? From your photo, it seems well executed & natural…and perhaps time will add more to give that sense. Did the entry walk cross the stream with a large stone or a constructed bridge? Did the stream funnel into a culvert or did it remain as wide as in the photo?

    • Eric, the whole place seemed contrived to me, but maybe it will seem more natural with time. The entry walk crossed the stream with a large rock. That photo seem to have disappeared, and I will try to put it back in. The stream went to the small pond and then maybe recirculated, I am not sure. Carolyn

  4. Carolyn, Do you know what the reddish orange trumpet like plant is that is in the lovely planter in this post?

  5. I could spend a few days there…. Not too shabby! The pool is completely amazing and the stonework really sets off and adds to the house.
    I can imagine the steps out back settling in and aging with grass in the cracks and all kinds of summer wildflowers creeping in… The brand new manicured look is nice, but I like something summertime cozy and lived in.

    • Frank, You would have your choice of the three room guest suite taking up one whole end of the house or the lovely guest house which is the size of a normal house. Then you could frequent the sauna, steam room, massage area, two exercise rooms, the movie theater, and the music room, among others. I would be spending a lot of time in the infinity pool with the spectacular view. Carolyn

  6. Oh wow–now that’s the kind of garden I want when I grow up. 😉 Seriously, everything is … perfect … without being too perfect!

  7. Simply sensational Carolyn, and I see you got a shot of the Queen looking over the pool area.

  8. Wow, what a view! But I do prefer the house and garden in part 3.

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