Window Box Ideas from Camden Maine

window boxes in Camden Maine 7-14-2015 5-32-58 PMThis beautiful window box full of my favorite color flowers was outside a storefront in Camden, Maine.

As I mentioned in my last post, Michael and I recently visited Camden, Maine, to attend the Camden Garden Club House and Garden Tour.  The town is full of inspiring container ideas.  So many, in fact, that I split the photos into two posts.  This one covers window boxes, and the previous post pictured pots and hanging baskets.  To read it, click here.

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window boxes in Camden Maine 7-14-2015 5-33-46 PMIn containers, you can often use colors that wouldn’t necessarily go well together in the garden.

I was very impressed that most local businesses in Camden invested in flower-filled containers along the sidewalk.  It was very attractive and complemented all the plantings maintained by the Camden Garden Club.  The Camden Library grounds are especially beautiful.  Even if you are just passing through Camden, it is worth stopping to walk around.  The harbor is gorgeous, and there are lots of wonderful restaurants—more on that later.


window boxes in Camden Maine 7-14-2015 5-45-52 PMThis display was particularly creative with the use of a wooden oar and driftwood in this seaside town.


window boxes in Camden Maine 7-14-2015 6-02-03 PMIt is not necessary to get fancy: very traditional and very pretty.


window boxes in Camden Maine 7-14-2015 5-51-28 PM.

window boxes in Camden Maine 7-14-2015 5-52-04 PM.

window boxes in Camden Maine 7-14-2015 5-51-40 PMThere is a tendency to go with bold colors in containers, and I do that myself.  However, this combination of yellow, white, and silver is quite elegant.


window boxes in Camden Maine 7-14-2015 5-48-21 PMWe saw the chef from this restaurant collecting nasturtiums for culinary use.  Containers are not just for viewing.  I intend to put my basil and parsley in my window boxes next year.


window boxes in Camden Maine 7-14-2015 5-53-34 PM.

window boxes in Camden Maine 7-14-2015 5-53-45 PMUnlike plastic pots, baskets lined with moss or another organic material are aesthetically pleasing when first planted and the container is still visible.


window boxes in Camden Maine 7-14-2015 5-47-09 PMThis restaurant down by the waterfront went all out with window boxes lining both stories.  All the remaining photos are of planting combinations from this location.


window boxes in Camden Maine 7-14-2015 5-47-39 PMRestaurant patrons seated by the windows got not only a beautiful harbor view but also lovely flower arrangements.


window boxes in Camden Maine 7-14-2015 5-46-46 PM .

window boxes in Camden Maine 7-14-2015 5-46-35 PM.

window boxes in Camden Maine 7-14-2015 5-46-17 PM


window boxes in Camden Maine 7-14-2015 5-46-07 PM

I hope you have gotten a few ideas from Camden’s flowers—I know I have!


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17 Responses to “Window Box Ideas from Camden Maine”

  1. What a lovely selection of window boxes, it makes such an impression when everyone joins in, a real welcome to all the visitors.

  2. diane s Says:

    Ahh to be in the northeast. Alas in Alabama all of lobelia and pansies have fried because of the heat and humidity. The window boxes are beautiful. Thanks

  3. Love them!
    I’m a big fan of coleus but the one in your first picture was always a pattern and color I disliked…. until now! With the petunias it’s amazing, I really like it. I may have to start planting petunias again and give that coleus a try.

  4. Window boxes are my favorite and I usually have good luck with them. I agree about the mixing of colors; it’s so much fun. Loved these; nice photography. Jim

  5. Very nice, Carolyn. I do like the yellow and white combo also. Here, doing containers is an art too. Many garden tours have unique displays.

  6. Thank you for this lovely share, Carolyn! Fantastic ideas ❤

  7. Be still my heart…thanks for more of the containers from Maine….I adore the bright oranges in the first one and all the yellows, but the oar one was very creative and the look of those nasturtiums leaves left me breathless. I need to get mine to grow better, but they need bigger pots so I am taking notes for next year!

  8. Very inspirational, Carolyn. I have five window boxes so I am always looking for ideas. P. x

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