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  1. Jim Bennett Says:


    First I must tell you that whenever I need to take a mental vacation I login and go to your garden and look at all the photographs. I come away refreshed and rested. Your garden is so beautiful.
    I have ordered hostas from you before, but now I’ve got a question. I was driving down my street one day and they’re on the side of the street was a junked and thrown away wheelbarrow so I immediately stopped and loaded it into the back of my car. I understand why they threw it away. Never will it provide service as a wheelbarrow ever again. But, I can put it into a nice shady spot near the path in my back garden and shore it up and make it look like an operating wheelbarrow. I plan to then fill it with soil and landscape the wheelbarrow with miniature hostas and rocks.
    I don’t want any small hosta. I think I need to only use minis, but I don’t know which hostas to use. My favorite mini is H. ‘Mini Skirt’ So I must have it. Do you have any other suggestions for me?
    Thank you.

    • Jim, I am so glad that our garden photos are refreshing, restful, and beautiful—that’s quite a compliment! I no longer ship mini hostas. Your wheelbarrow idea sounds very clever, please send a photo. ‘Mini Skirt’ is one of my favorites. To determine which hostas are truly mini and not just small, look at the height and leaf measurements. Spread should not be relevant in a container as hostas stay smaller in containers. Carolyn

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