2022 Hosta Catalogue

All the hostas in the 2022 catalogue are sold out.  The 2023 catalogue will come out in late April or early May.  If you live locally and wish to receive an announcement of the 2023 Hosta Catalogue, please send your full name, mailing address, and cell number to carolyn@carolynsshadegardens.com.

2020-11-12Clockwise from upper left: Stained Glass, Rainbow’s End, Blue Mouse Ears, Paradigm, Great Expectations, Halcyon, Mini Skirt.


The hostas available at Carolyn’s Shade Gardens for spring 2022 are described below with photos.  This on line catalogue will be updated regularly to indicate when plants sell out or are in short supply.  In most cases, minis/littles are in 3-4″ pots, and larger hostas are in 6-8″ pots.  Orders are due by Sunday, May 15.

Pick Up Details:  All orders must be picked up on Friday, May 20, or Saturday, May 21.  Times will be assigned alphabetically by us, but you can choose which day is convenient.  You are welcome to send a friend or relative to pick up your plants.  We understand that not everyone will be able to commit to this date and/or assigned times, but please do not order if you cannot accommodate this system.  It worked very well for the hellebores!

How to Order (sorry no mail order): Minimum order $79.  Hosta supply is limited so please don’t order without double checking that the variety you want is not marked sold out.  Please send an email to carolyn@carolynsshadegardens.com (or reply to the notification email) with the plant names, quantities, your preferred pickup day (May 20 or 21), your name, and cell number. We will send you an acknowledgment of your order, usually within 24 hours.  If you don’t get an acknowledgment, it means we didn’t receive your order.  Payment will be made by cash or check at pickup.  Thank you in advance for making this system work.

What does Hosta of the Year mean? Only 27 hostas, out of the over 7,000 registered hosta cultivars and as many or more unregistered cultivars, have received this award from the American Hosta Growers Association, making them exceptionally superior plants.  You can’t go wrong picking one of these winners for your garden.  Click here to see all 27 hostas of the year.

Photos appear above the descriptions.



small, medium, large, and giant


hosta_autumn_frost‘Autumn Frost’: medium, 12″ tall by 24″ wide; an improved version of ‘First Frost’ with icy blue leaves and very wide, brilliant yellow margins; light lavender flowers late summer;   $32   Sold Out


Hosta 'Beyond Glory' PP28784 0001 high res‘Beyond Glory’:  medium, 16″ tall by 40″ wide; a sport of ‘Old Glory’ with wide, dark green margins surrounding a gold center; large, thick, ruffled and corrugated leaves—very slug resistant; pale lavender flowers midsummer; excellent specimen;  $32   Sold Out


Hosta 'Blue Angel'‘Blue Angel’: giant, 36″ tall by 48″ wide; huge, slug-resistant blue leaves; desirable white flowers in midsummer; upright, shrub-like stature—the  very best large blue hosta and my favorite;  $19   Sold Out

.Hosta Coast to Coast 7-28-2014 10-14-56 AM‘Coast to Coast’: giant, 30″ tall by 36″ wide; thick, puckered, solid gold leaves with wavy edges; vase-shaped habit makes for a striking specimen; attractive pale violet, proportionate flowers in midsummer;    $32   Sold Out


Hosta 'Fire Island' 0001 high res‘Fire Island’: small, 10″ tall by 15″ wide; striking for its arresting gold color, red stems, and red coloring at the base of the leaf; great in larger containers where the red stems really show up or for the front of the border; lavender flowers in midsummer;   $29   Sold Out

.Hosta 'Great Expectations'

‘Great Expectations’: large, 20″ tall by 40″ wide; aristocratic and artistic yellow leaves with blue and light green margins flaring to the center—very unusual; thick and puckered, slug resistant texture; gorgeous spreading habit and desirable white flowers;   $29   Sold Out

.Hosta Guacamole

‘Guacamole’: 2002 Hosta of the Year; large, 22″ tall by 38″ wide; stunning avocado leaves with a wide blue-green edge; lovely mounding habit; large and beautifully fragrant white flowers;   $25   Sold Out

.Hosta Hadspen BlueHadspen Blue: medium, 14″ tall by 24″ wide; thick, heart-shaped, steel blue leaves; great for contrast in a mixed hosta planting and to bring out the blue tones in variegated hostas;  pale lavender flowers midsummer;   $19   Sold Out

.Hosta Halcyon‘Halycon’: medium, 18″ tall by 36″ wide; elegant frosty blue, pointed leaves—the best blue of any hosta and our most popular blue; blue hostas are like the classic “little black dress”—they go with everything and provide a much needed contrast to the many gold and green hostas in our gardens; pale blue-violet flowers midsummer;   $19   Sold Out


‘June’: 2001 Hosta of the Year; medium, 15″ tall by 20″ wide; gorgeous thick chartreuse changing to gold leaves with blue margins; pale lavender-blue flowers late summer; our customers’ favorite hosta and an excellent specimen plant;  $25   Sold Out


Hosta Lakeside Paisley Print Mary Chastain

‘Lakeside Paisley Print’: 2019 Hosta of the Year; small, 10″ tall by 20″ wide; stunning small hosta with thick substanced, heart-shaped leaves on cream-colored stalks; wide wavy green margins enclose the narrow, creamy white center, which forms a feathery pattern—very unusual; light lavender flowers on cream-colored scapes in midsummer; photo Mary Chastain;  $25   Sold Out

.Hosta 'Maui Buttercups'

‘Maui Buttercups’: small, 10″ tall by 14″ wide; round leaves are 5″ wide; the bright gold, deeply cupped and puckered leaves spread out horizontally for a one-of-a-kind look—a customer favorite and one of the best small gold hostas; thick substance repels slugs; white flowers in midsummer;   $22   Sold Out

.Hosta Neptune, Hosta Paradigm

‘Neptune’: large, 24″ tall by 47″ wide; a very unique hosta producing a lovely cascading clump of bright blue, narrow, wedge-shaped leaves with heavily rippled edges; lavender flowers in late summer; photo taken at Carolyn’s Shade Gardens shows ‘Neptune on the left and ‘Paradigm’ (below) on the right;   $29   Sold Out


Hosta Paradigm 6-27-2017 4-03-44 PM‘Paradigm’:  2007 Hosta of the Year; large, 20″tall by 36″wide; an absolutely stunning specimen hosta at Carolyn’s Shade Gardens; thick, corrugated gold leaves with jetting blue-green margins; white flowers midsummer; $29   Sold Out


Hosta Patriot‘Patriot’: 1997 Hosta of the Year; large, 22″ tall by 30″ wide; dark green leaves with wide, crisp, sparkling white margins—a standout in our garden for its bold white edges—provides a much needed contrast to all the gold and green variegated hostas; lavender flowers in midsummer;  $19   Sold Out


Hosta 'Pocketful of Sunshine'‘Pocketful of Sunshine’: small, 9″ tall by 19″ wide; cute and compact hosta with yellow, cupped leaves with a broad deep green margin and thick, puckered texture; sport of ‘Rainforest Sunrise’; light lavender flowers in midsummer;   $19   Sold Out

.Hosta 'Praying Hands'‘Praying Hands’: 2011 Hosta of the Year; medium, 14-18″ tall by 12-16″ wide; completely unique, narrow, green, twisted and tightly folded, vertical leaves like a pitcher plant—every garden should have this one-of-a-kind hosta; excellent container specimen; lavender flowers in late summer;   $22   Sold Out

.Hosta 'Rainbow's End' -002‘Rainbow’s End’: 2021 Hosta of the Year; medium, 11″ tall by 21″ wide; very distinctive, striped hosta with shiny, substantial, bright yellow leaves and dark green margins jetting towards the center—each leaf is unique; showy red stems with dark lavender flowers in late summer;   $29   Sold Out

.Hosta Rainforest Sunrise‘Rainforest Sunrise’: 2013 Hosta of the Year; small, 8″ tall by 16″ wide; remarkable coloring and habit make this hosta really stand out; cupped and heavily puckered, bright gold leaves with dark green margins; beautiful light lavender flowers—the plants fly out of the nursery as soon as it comes into bloom; great in larger containers or for the front of the border; sport of ‘Maui Buttercups’;   $22   Sold Out


Raspberry Sundae Hosta‘Raspberry Sundae’:  small, 10″ tall by 22″ wide; beautiful cream and green variegated leaves with striking red stems extending into the leaf base; lovely compact habit; deep lavender purple flowers on burgundy stems in late summer;   $29   Sold Out

.‘Seducer’:  large, 26″ tall by 36″ wide; huge, dark green leaves with a wide, wavy, yellow edge further enhanced by unusual white streaks between the center and the margin; white flowers in late summer;   $32   Sold Out


Hosta 'Stained Glass'‘Stained Glass’: 2006 Hosta of the Year; large, 15″ tall by 36″ wide; dramatic, glossy gold leaves with green margins and deep veining giving the texture of stained glass; lovely, beautifully fragrant white flowers in late summer; continues to look great through the fall; $25   Sold Out


Carolyn’s Shade Gardens T-Shirts

Highest quality, extra soft and comfortable, 100% cotton, artistic five-color design featuring PA native columbine—perfect for gardening, exercising, or sleeping!   $25
Women’s Cut:  M  3 left,   L 4 left,   XL  Sold Out
Standard Cut (men’s sizes):  M  1 left

Instructions for Ordering are at the beginning of the catalogue.

Photos of Church Mouse, Sun Mouse, Cameo, Munchkin Fire, Wiggles and Squiggles, Autumn Frost, Beyond Glory, Coast to Coast, Fire Island, Pocketful of Sunshine, Rainbow’s End, Rainforest Sunrise, and Seducer, Walters Gardens Inc.



I am a big fan of mouse ears hostas.  They are so wonderful—from their round, rubbery, slug-resistant leaves to their lovely, proportionate, bell-shaped flowers (unlike most other hostas, I would grow them for their flowers alone) to their adorable habit—and they make a fun collection.

.Hosta Blue Mouse Ears 5-7-2018 3-09-29 PM

‘Blue Mouse Ears’: 2008 Hosta of the Year; 8” tall by 19” wide; very blue, round, and thick leaves; short, dense clusters of striking lavender flowers in July; tight and elegant symmetrical habit; rubbery leaves make all mouse ears hostas slug resistant; the original mouse ear and still one of the best; shown here with dwarf Solomon’s seal, an excellent companion for little hostas, available at the end of the catalogue;  $15   Sold Out


‘Church Mouse’:  8″ tall by 15″ wide; very blue leaves with unique, highly ruffled, lighter margins with seersucker edges that make a good contrast with other mouse ears hostas; thick substance repels slugs; adorable, well-proportioned lavender flowers in early summer;   $18   Sold Out

.Hosta 'Frosted Mouse Ears'‘Frosted Mouse Ears’:  7” tall by 18” wide; leaves 2 ½” long by 2 1/4′’ wide; round, frosted, blue-green leaves with yellow margins becoming creamy white later in the season; thick, slug resistant; attractive proportional purple flowers and habit similar to its parent ‘Blue Mouse Ears’;  $18  Sold Out

.Hosta Green Thumb

‘Green Thumb’:  2″ tall by 10″ wide; no mouse in its name but definitely a mouse ears hosta; a more vigorous successor to ‘Green Mouse Ears’ with thick, very round, dark green leaves; forms a dense, tight clump; $18   Sold Out


Hosta 'Mighty Mouse'‘Mighty Mouse’: 4″ tall by 8″ wide; leaves 3″ long by 3″ wide, almost round blue-green leaves with a yellow margin fading to white in the fall; lovely compact, bell-like flowers; possibly the most adorable mouse ears hosta, definitely the cutest name;  $18   Sold Out

.Hosta 'Mini Skirt'‘Mini Skirt’:  5″ tall by 13″ wide; leaves 2″ long by 1 1/2″ wide, forms a miniature mound of very wavy, thick, blue-green leaves with wide, heavily ruffled creamy yellow margins; lovely compact, pale lavender flowers with purple stripes in early summer; a sport of ‘Mighty Mouse’ and a vigorous addition to the mouse ears hosta clan;  $18   Sold Out


‘Mouse Capades’:  7″ tall by 15″ wide; thick, blue-green, undulating leaves with a twisted tip and wide creamy margins; a sport of ‘Mighty Mouse’ and just as cute; $20   Sold Out


Hosta Mouse Madness‘Mouse Madness’: 5″ tall by 12″ wide; small mound of thick, rounded, frosty blue leaves with a bright white margin; a recent addition to the collectible mouse ears family;  $18   Sold Out

.Ruffled Mouse Ears-003‘Ruffled Mouse Ears’: 6″ tall by 14″ wide; same round, thick, rubbery, slug resistant leaves as its parent ‘Blue Mouse Ears’ but with rippled and frilled margins; more vigorous than other mouse ears, quickly forms a larger mound of ruffled foliage;   $18   Sold Out


Hosta 'Sun Mouse' WaltersSun Mouse ‘:   6″ tall by 18″ wide; leaves are 3″ long by 2″ wide, the best yellow mouse ear; very similar to ‘Blue Mouse Ears’ but with brilliant, round yellow leaves that hold their color well into summer; a hybrid not a sport; proportional lavender flowers in midsummer; $18   Sold Out



What is a miniature hosta?  The American Hosta Society defines miniature hostas by their leaf size.  The leaf blade area, length x width, can be no greater than 6 square inches.  Clump spread and height are irrelevant.  Little hostas have leaves bigger than the AHS definition but are still small enough to place at the front of the border or in a container.


WaltersGardens-HI14269-HostaCameo‘Cameo’: 6″ high by 9″ wide; leaves are 1 1/2″ long by 1 1/2″ wide, small round blue-green leaves with a wide and irregular creamy margin that jets inward toward the leaf center; a child of ‘Baby Bunting’ with the reverse markings of ‘Cherish’; purple flowers in early summer; grows at a moderate pace forming a tight mound; an excellent specimen or container plant;   $15   Sold Out


Hosta Curly Fries‘Curly Fries’: 2016 Hosta of the Year; very distinctive 11″ tall by 20″ wide dense clump; leaves are 7″ long by 1 1/2″ wide, very narrow bright gold and heavily rippled; lavender flowers on purple stems in summer; $19   Sold Out


Hosta Lemon Delight‘Lemon Delight’: 12″ high by 30″ wide; leaves 3 3/4″ long by 1 1/4″ wide, rippled, green-centered with a chartreuse margin, the opposite variegation to ‘Twist of Lime’; bright purple flowers in July; makes an excellent dense ground cover or edging; $15   Sold Out

.Hosta Little Blue-002‘Little Blue’: 6″ high by 14″ wide; heart-shaped leaves with a lovely blue color contrasting well with other hostas; forms a wide-spreading, neat and tidy mound; great individually or as a groundcover;  $15   Sold Out

.Hosta 'Little Wonder'‘Little Wonder’: 9″ tall by 28″ wide; leaves 4 3/8″ long by 2 1/4″ wide, bright green center with a 1/4″ wide yellow margin, wavy and smooth-textured; deep purple flowers in July and August; has a great combination of colorful foliage and a small dense mounding habit, grows quickly;  $15   Sold Out


Hosta Manzo‘Manzo’: 5″ tall and 10″ wide; narrow, heavily twisted white leaves with a wavy, dark green edge; forms a contorted vase-shaped mound; makes a great conversation piece when showcased in a small rock garden, trough, or container; $19   Sold Out

.Hosta Munchkin Fire Randall Goodwin‘Munchkin Fire’: 7″ tall by 15″ wide; forms a diminutive fountain of very narrow brilliant gold leaves tapering to a sharp point; holds its bright yellow color all season long; another customer favorite;    $19   Sold Out


Hosta 'Rock Prince'‘Rock Prince’: 6” tall by 18” wide; leaves 3” long by 1” wide, narrow gold leaves with heavily rippled edges and prominent veins; lavender flowers in August; excellent for bright accent in containers;   $15   Sold Out


Hosta 'Twist of Lime'‘Twist of Lime’:  6” tall by 10” wide; leaves 3” long by 1” wide, bright gold with a dark blue-green wavy margin; many deep violet-striped flowers in July; beautiful upright habit;  very fast grower making an excellent groundcover and a favorite of my customers;   $15   Sold Out

.Hosta Twist Tie-001

‘Twist Tie’:  10″ high and 18″wide; blue-green, sharply pointed, twisted and wavy leaves like a corkscrew; unusual habit stands out in the garden; holds up well late into fall when other hostas look tired;   $19   Sold Out


Hosta Wiggles and Squiggles 8-5-2014 4-57-52 AM

‘Wiggles and Squiggles’:  8″ tall by 10″ wide; dartlike, bright yellow leaves with very wavy margins like ‘Dragon Tails’ but bigger; low, wide habit; best with morning sun; lavender flowers in midsummer;  $19   Sold Out

.Hosta Praying Hands & Polygonatum humile

Polygonatum humile, Dwarf Solomon’s Seal: 6″ tall spreading plant; flowers with little white bells along arching green-leafed stalks; excellent companion for smaller hostas in containers or in the ground;  $18    Sold Out


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