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Scenes from Mt. Desert Island and Acadia National Park

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 View from The Boathouse at the Claremont Hotel, Southwest Harbor Maine

View from The Boathouse at the Claremont Hotel, Southwest Harbor, Mt. Desert Island, Maine.  They make an excellent blueberry martini!

Of all the subjects that I write about, I get the most positive feedback from my customers on my posts from Maine.  For the last three years, Michael and I attended the Camden (Maine) House and Garden Tour, and I featured photos from the Camden-Rockport-Rockland area in my Maine posts.  This year is the 100th anniversary of Acadia National Park located on Mt. Desert Island, which is about two thirds of the way up the Maine coast southwest of Bangor.  As we had never visited that area we decided to spend four days in and around Acadia and attend the Garden Club of Mt. Desert Open Garden Day.

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Northeast Harbor Maine

Northeast Harbor, Mt. Desert Island: Many families from the Philadelphia area where I live summer on Mt. Desert so it was fun to see all the locations I have heard so much about.

In the days before the garden tour, we visited three public gardens on Mt. Desert, many of the little villages on the island, and most of the major sites in Acadia National Park.  I hope to do more in depth posts on the gardens once I figure out how to transfer my photos efficiently from my Apple iPad, which I used to take the pictures, to my PC, which is where I compose posts.  Its not as easy as it should be—if anyone has any tips let me know.


Fireweed (Chamerion angustifolium)

US native fireweed in a field on a back road.  Mt. Desert was much less developed and crowded than I thought it would be.  We were often the only car on the road.

Acadia National Park was gorgeous and not crowded at all even though it is one tenth the size of Grand Teton National Park and gets the same number of visitors, in 2015, 2.8 million.  One reason that I have never visited it before is that I thought it would be similar to the Maine Coast that I am used to around Portland.  I couldn’t have been more wrong—the geography is totally different even down to the type of rock, which is an arresting pink granite.  Beautiful lakes have been scraped out of the rock by glaciers, and there is even the only fjard on the East Coast, Somes Sound.  Mountains abound and, although they are not tall by many standards—Cadillac Mt is the tallest at 1,530 feet—they soar straight up from sea level.  Gorgeous coastal vistas and lovely beaches abound.


Acadia Somes Sound MaineSomes Sound at sunset


Acadia Sand Beach

Sand Beach in the park looks just like beaches I have visited in the Caribbean, although the resemblance stops at the water line as the water temperature was 54 degrees F (12 C).  There was much warmer swimming in the ocean at Otter Cove and at Echo Lake.

In this first post from the area, I am just showing some beautiful scenes to give you an idea of the setting.  Once I get my images straightened out, I hope to go into more depth about the gardens in the area.


Acadia Mounument Cove
Monument Cove in the park is spectacular with its namesake pillar and a beach composed of perfectly round granite rocks.  It is not on the park maps, and I found it while reading Down East Magazine’s Summer 2016 issue dedicated entirely to Acadia for the 100th anniversary.  If you plan on visiting Mt. Desert, I highly recommend you get this issue because I used it for much of my planning.  To access Monument Cove, enter the Park Loop, which requires a $25 7-day pass) and park in the Gorham Mountain Trailhead Parking.  Cross the street and Monument Cove is to the left.
Moss, Rockefeller Garden, Seal HarborBeautiful stands of moss are everywhere, here the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Garden.
Northeast HarborNortheast Harbor
Bass Harbor Head Maine
Bass Harbor Head near the lighthouse, which is part of the park, features the characteristic pink granite plunging to the ocean.
Acadia Delphinium and MonardaDelphiniums and monarda at the Thuya Garden in Northeast Harbor.  I wish delphiniums would grow like this in Pennsylvania, but it gets too hot and humid for them.
View across Jordan Pond to the North and South Bubbles
A view across Jordan Pond to the North and South Bubbles.

I hope that you will have a chance to visit Mt. Desert Island and Acadia National Park.  A special thanks to my wonderful customer and friend Charlotte F. who welcomed us into her beautiful home during our trip and provided crucial planning advice.



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